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A fun rp site that is free and easy to use.Decide if you want to be Good, Evil, or Neutral.
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 The Law of The Shadow

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PostSubject: The Law of The Shadow   The Law of The Shadow Icon_minitimeTue Jul 08, 2008 11:32 am

Ok heres the path to success on this site so listen up.

1.Absolutely no god-modding.No dodging every attack or being strong enough to kill in one hit or anything else godmodish.

2.Forbidden words are translated as such
S l u t=badword

F U C K=Damn

D ouche=dummy

any other horrible words you type will be something not as bad

3.Do not copy any material from this site!That's a no-no!

4.No spamming or you will be shot in the brain cavity.

5.Follow all separate rules and templates posted in the site.

6.If a mod/admin tells you to do something do it.If you think it seems unfair or unjust pm me or a different mod/admin about it and we will judge rather it is fair or not.

7.Have fun, enjoy the game, and follow the rules! afro

8.Only 4 rps at one time
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The Law of The Shadow
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