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PostSubject: DEATH OF THIS SITE   DEATH OF THIS SITE Icon_minitimeMon Aug 18, 2008 6:07 am

For those of you who don't know Hellion as left in attempt to make the site die. Here is a link and a qoute to his exact words.

Hellion's Departure

Hellion wrote:
My ambitions and hard work were for nothing.My site is gone in the wind,as distant as a long ago memory.The internet is not a place that can let people control angels it seems.So my site dwindles away and hope finds a new inhabitance.My ambition never truly began and as such,will never succeed to do so.My time in the rping world wears thin and so I leave this vision to be molded into a new beauty.Something people will find more plausible than the war of the angels.As I write this I feel as if a part of me has died and other,larger,and brighter parts of me have been born.Or maybe they have awoken from a deep slumber.With this trouble gone from me, the hourglass of my life has been turned over.The grains of sand that grew so few in such a short amount of time now seem to be in almost an excessive amount.There is always a new opening in the blockade to someones desires and I may have found mine.I leave to you,who never truly knew me and never respected me, the hope that has poured out of one of the smaller vicinities of my heart.Find the joy for yourself that makes your face light up in eternal happiness and joy.Listen to yourself.All of yourself,not just heart,soul,mind,or body.Put the voices of each of those into the single booming voice of yourself.I was consumed by the such small things.The internet,video games,tv,movies, just electronics in general.As I have spent time here in the state of Washington,I have done many things and witnessed what happens when something consumes you.
Let me tell you and see if you mind becoming like this.Even if you tell yourself your different and can control it,the truth is that,yes,you are different but,no,you can't control it.

My Grandma,as sweet as she is,is devoid of capability to love a human being ever again.She came from a different part of Washington.I was later told it was not to see me nor my newborn half-sister.She came down specifically for the reason of cat trapping.She sat me down and told me she came only for that reason.She doesn't know what to say to people so I only stay with her for maybe 2 hours max.She told me that she asks people that own cats to let her take them to get them neutered.She also sets up traps for "Feral" cats as she says.She said she hated my moms side of the family merely because one cat we had was ran over by a car.She never even once spoke to my dad except to tell him to put food out for the stray cats.She is his mother and still...no goodbyes or "I love you"s at all.She also usually disowns her family members if they don't get their cats neutered or feed the strays around them.

If you don't want to become like that then break free of the shackles of obsession and maybe do other things.Make yourself look good to that special person in your life,or the special someone you want in your life.Make a site,write a book, make lists of things you like so you don't forget that its not just one thing you want to do.I have lists of songs to learn on the guitar as well as books I need to buy and then read.I have so many things I like to do but it took seeing the tragedy of obsession firsthand to remind me that electronics aren't the most important.I want to hike as many mountains as I can before I die now.Electronics aren't bad but just don't let them,or anything else besides love,control you


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DEATH OF THIS SITE Aaaaahhhhhh-1-1
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