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 Rules and Template

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Rules and Template Empty
PostSubject: Rules and Template   Rules and Template Icon_minitimeThu Jul 10, 2008 3:15 am


1.No god modding

2.Follow the template

3.Take mp usage out in battle.

4.Only use form when approved

5.Do NOT make your form change you into a different race!If you are a human and want to make your character a werewolf then put werewolf in race category then put werewolf form here!

~Form Limits~

1 posts= 1 form

200 posts=2 forms

500 posts= 3 forms

1000 posts= 5 forms

That is the max of forms you may have at the moment.

Name:(Form name?)

Mp cost:(How much mp does this form use?)

Appearance:(What does the form look like?2 lines minimum.)

Effect:(What does this do?2 1/2 lines minimum.)

Bad Point:(Bad quality of this form?2 lines)

Good point:(Good quality of this form?2 lines)

History:(How did you obtain this form?4 lines)
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Rules and Template
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