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 The Fallen Ones

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PostSubject: The Fallen Ones   The Fallen Ones Icon_minitimeTue Jul 15, 2008 6:41 pm

Fallen Soldiers-The center of the militia of the Fallen Ones.Anyone can sign up here after doing the qualification mission in the war missions section.

Fallen Shadows-2x better than the Fallen Soldiers.Requires qualification mission,250 posts, and a small sample rp.

Fallen Angels-You don't have to be an angel to be in this military position.The elite of the Fallen Ones.Qualification mission, 400 posts,and a good rp sample needed.

Fallen Angel Hellion's Personal Bodyguards-To apply to this position you will need 500 posts,qualification mission,and one of your best rp samples.Only the elite rp samples will be considered.There are currently 2 positions open.

Fallen Leader-The head of the militia.Must challenge me to duel,must have 700 posts,must give a reason why I should accept you,and qualification mission completed.

Fallen Souls-The generals of the army.25 spots left.Must have a very good rp sample,450 posts,qualification mission done.
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The Fallen Ones
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