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 Speed Clone

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PostSubject: Speed Clone   Speed Clone Icon_minitimeWed Jul 16, 2008 12:30 am

Name: Speed clones

Element: Uh...Light I guess.

Mp cost:10

Effect: If senlou needs to get a second to think of a plan, or just have a secondary defence, he would use this, in the hilt of his sword, where he holds the sword, is a technogoly part that he made, that alsos, two holograms to apper with him they can't really fight but they can move, so Senlou can distract the opponent, or get behind him.

Appearance: This spell, is mostly a copy of the one person that it actually counts on, Senlou. It makes two copies of himself to help him fight his oppenent, it is to manipulate the target infront of him, but they don't look perfectly the same, they are off with his hair, it is black, and his sword is shorter and doesn't have the hilt, so if some people look at the hilt they will notice which one he is.

History: When Senlou had gotten his sword, he had needed to learn how to use it, and he also's needed a hilt for it, so when he was alone at his house, he had used some of his knowlegde to make a hilt that would make holograms come out, but he never perfected it, so he made it so he could make it look like him and his clones where running, so they could not tell which one was him. He had practiced it on most of his family and friends until he had left his family and lived on his own and became the leader of the Island of Justice.
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PostSubject: Re: Speed Clone   Speed Clone Icon_minitimeFri Jul 25, 2008 8:26 am

Well, if you get two clones who can help fight against the enemy, you probably make it 20 at least. Plus, how long does this stay in effect? For the rest of the topic? Or for a couple posts?
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Speed Clone
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