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 Inarius's first Illusion Spell

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PostSubject: Inarius's first Illusion Spell   Inarius's first Illusion Spell Icon_minitimeWed Jul 16, 2008 2:32 am

Name: Clone substitution


Mp cost:10

Effect: If Inarius were to get hit by an unblockable blow he would use this to get out of the way. A clone is now in his place taking the blow and then exploding blue energy outward.(The energy does no damage). This abilitiy is used for defense and mind trickery during a fight/battle/spar/whatever you want to call it.

Appearance:This spell is an exact replica of Inarius.It has the exact same clothes as him. It has black hair that matches Inarius's and are the same color of his eyes whether brown or red.The head band is exactly the same on him.But if the headband were to be off then the clone does not have the head band.In simpler terms the clone has the same appearance as the caster when he casts the spell.

History:Training in the forest where he ruled he was ambushed once again by the same pitiful excuses for monsters that had attacked him once before.Only this time instead of five there were fifty.They all charged at him and he was surrounded.With his sword onslaught he parried many creatures blows and took half of them out within the first five minutes. One was about to get him from behind but he saw him from the corner of his eye and cast this spell unknowingly.He was safe outside the center where the blade stabbed one of his own demons.Since they were promitive they started attacking each other.Most likely for dominence.When there was one standing Inarius got out from the tree he had climbed and sat at and threw his sword into the temple of the enemy. HE learned how to use this at will because of his constant training.

Inarius the Master Illusionist
Ruler of the Illusionary Forest
Max Magic: 90 mp

Inarius's first Illusion Spell Aaaaahhhhhh-1-1
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PostSubject: Re: Inarius's first Illusion Spell   Inarius's first Illusion Spell Icon_minitimeWed Jul 16, 2008 2:49 am


Max mp=90
Max Spells=5
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Inarius's first Illusion Spell
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