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 Rules and Template

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Rules and Template Empty
PostSubject: Rules and Template   Rules and Template Icon_minitimeWed Jul 09, 2008 6:40 am


1.No god-modding.

2.All weapons must be approved before use.

3.No automatic hits.

4.Nothing stupid like a flower, or suitcase, or purse, etc.

5.No 1 hit kills.

6.Follow the template.

7.Dual wielding allowed at 310 posts.

8.2 1/2 lines once again at a minimum.

9.You are allowed to have a total of 6 weapons.You may pick 1 weapon and 1 secondary weapon(throwing knives Etc.)to take to each battle.You cannot use more than 2 weapons in one battle(unless dual wielding then 3 are allowed.)

~Number of Weapons~

1 Post=1 weapon

50 posts=2 weapons(No dual wielding!)

100 posts=3 weapons

310 posts= 4 weapons(Dual Wielding allowed)

500 posts= 5 weapons

1000 posts= 6 weapons


Name:(What is your weapon called?)

Abilities:(Does your weapon have any special powers?Is it blessed or cursed?Also put its defensive capabilities)

Appearance:(What does the weapon look like? 2 1/2 lines minimum.)

History:(How did you obtain this weapon? 2 1/2 lines minimum.)

Pictures:(Got any pictures of your weapon?)
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Rules and Template
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