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 Mission 1: Qualification

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Mission 1: Qualification Empty
PostSubject: Mission 1: Qualification   Mission 1: Qualification Icon_minitimeFri Jul 18, 2008 11:34 pm

Mission: Defend the city of Arshtat from the monsters of the darkness.
Requirements: A team of two with their character and weapon both approved.
Mission Details: During the night, a raid of monsters was found, dismounting and attacking the city. There are two Shadow strikers, and one Gemstone. We want you to take them down before they kill too many citizens or cause too much destruction.
Rewards: Qualification into the Army.

People who have accomplished this:


Footnote: If you meet the requirements and with to uphold this mission, send me a pm about it and I will start the mission, giving you the setting. Once I finish, I shall post and pm you and your teammate back. I trust you to put up a fair fight, as you are new to being against these creatures. If I see that it is too easy, I shall then intervene and act as the NPC. I will then be much harder on you. So do not abuse the ability. This should take about 20 posts between the two of you.
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Mission 1: Qualification
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