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 Angel Wings

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PostSubject: Angel Wings   Angel Wings Icon_minitimeSat Jul 19, 2008 11:58 pm

Name:Angel wings

Mp cost:30MP

Appearance:Large, crimson red angel wings. Each feather is streaked with white stripes. It is so large it can completely cover Gabriele from head to foot.

Effect:Able to let Gabriele fly in high speed. It's hard, but light armor-like feathers are great in defensive armor and it's sharp feathers can give light sharp cuts to the enemies.
(It feels like a paper-cut to be exact.)

Bad Point:Whenever Gabriele takes this form, she suffers a great deal. As long as the wings are out, her whole body quivers with the effort. The wings are crimson red because it uses up her blood to appear. She never uses this form for more than three posts or else she would die with lack of blood.

Good point:Helps escape helpless situations, increases defense rapidly and attack patterns more effective (example: fire attacks are stronger)

History:In one of her searches to find her saviour and her brother, she was captured by a group of wandering, hungry ogres. As she was set amongst the rest of the captives, she saw many little children. As the monsters first set of teeth sunk into a little girl's skin, she screamed with fury and nearly losing her mind, she sprouted the crimson blood red wings and fought deliberately for the captives lives, protecting them as much as possible while slaughtering the beasts. It didn't take long before she killed them and quivering with the effort of her new ability, she felt the wings slowly sinking back into her shoulder blades. After escorting the captives back to their families safely, she collapsed at the district's front gate. Waking up in the medical room, the doctor explained to her about her bizzare form and told her to only use them when absolutely necessary or else her life will be indangered.
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PostSubject: Re: Angel Wings   Angel Wings Icon_minitimeSun Jul 20, 2008 12:36 am

Well everything seems good except you need to make it a full two lines for good points and appearance. Just bump when you edit it.

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Angel Wings Aaaaahhhhhh-1-1
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Angel Wings
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