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 The wandering of the demon king (open)

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The wandering of the demon king (open) Empty
PostSubject: The wandering of the demon king (open)   The wandering of the demon king (open) Icon_minitimeFri Jul 25, 2008 8:33 pm

The valley of lost souls. It was the most terrible place to fall upon the dark, piercing gray eyes of the demon king. Yet, it suited him perfectly. The small amount of light given off, the destroyed landscape, and the brightest thing known to those who lived underground in the the Demon King's realm of darkness. It was the bright river, the river of lost souls. The souls inside gate off an eerie white light, the last attempt to escape from their wretched fate. Forever, they would float along under the same light surface. Alongside the bank of the river, the vampire's followers and dark soldiers walked towards the dark palace where the Demon Vampire resided. A small smiled appeared upon the face of the Vampire as he stared down at his minions. Swiftly and gracefully, he turned around, with his gray hair swishing behind him. The small doors to enter the dark red palace opened as he went inside. He swept past all of the doors that led to rooms that the demon king was still unfamiliar with, towards tall gold doors that could be distinguished from a mile away when compared with the black interior walls. Slowly, the large doors where pushed open, and the king of demons walked inside his room. Upon the wall hung a giant portrait of him. Under it, in red writing, said, Zven, the Demon Vampire, elected to be the King Of Demons And Vampires on the date of the fist attack upon the upper human world of light. Zven looked at the photo, then turned around, for he felt the presense of something that didn't belong nearby.
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The wandering of the demon king (open)
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